Session Start Update

Hello current and future students,

Thankfully things in my family have stabilized for the time being, and the prognosis for my father’s health is much, much better than it was a few days ago, so I am looking at returning to Connecticut by the end of next week.
Therefore, the next session of aerial classes (SFPS and Acro will be starting on the 1st and 12th respectively) will begin Monday, April 8th! The end date for spring session will be Thursday, May 30th. There is a definite possibility that I will have to come back to Minnesota somewhere in there as best case scenario my father will need another major surgery in about a month. In that case classes will continue until all 8 weeks have been fulfilled.
Please feel free to continue to pre-register as normal, and if you have any questions or concerns, or you would like to sign up but are worried about conflicts with your own personal schedule, please email me and we will make sure to work something out for you!
This coming week, Nick will be at the studio on Tuesday and Wednesday to run a free open studio for current students from 5:00 – 7:00.
Hopefully I will see you all the week of April 8th!

New Session Starting April 1st!

Our first ever session of classes is almost over and thanks to all of our wonderful students (especially those of you who were willing to put up with a few false starts!) it’s been a great success and loads of fun for us instructors!

So, we’re totally psyched that planning for next session is well underway, and in fact our schedule for the next session of classes at Air Temple is now up! You can find it on our Facebook page or by going here  and scrolling to the week of March 31st.

Air Temple is continuing to grow, which can be seen in the fact that we’re adding two new instructors to our roster and offering  four brand new classes next session! You can learn more about our new coaches Aleena and Gracie by heading to our Instructor Bios page.

Our new classes are Strength, Flexibility & Performance Skills; Acro Yoga & Partner Balancing; Teen Aerials; and Teen Circus. You can get more info about the first two classes here and the teen classes here.

We’ve also got a brand new yelp! page which will be live in the next few days. If you’re a current student and enjoying classes (and we hope you are!) leaving us a quick review would be a huge help.

We’re also adding a few new discounts for next session. If you sign up for multiple classes in a session, you will receive a stacking 5% discount on each class. For example if you sign up for three classes you will receive 5% off the second and 10% off the third. We’re also doing a referral discount! For every friend you get to sign up for classes (they must mention your name when they sign up) you will receive 5% off your own session.

We also welcome your feedback! If there’s a class you want to take that you don’t see on the schedule, or our schedule doesn’t work with your schedule, let us know! The happiness of our students is our number one priority. Simple email info@ by March 12th and let us know what’s ailing you, and we’ll see what we can do. 

Online Pre-Registration for classes will be open on Wednesday, March 13th.

Air Temple Open Stage: Call for Performers

One of the planned purposes of Air Temple was as an occasional performance venue, so we’re super-duper excited to announce our very first OPEN STAGE NIGHT on April 12th, 2013. We’re really looking forward to providing accessible performing opportunities for local artists, so hopefully this will be the first of many Open Stages to come!


This is an opportunity for seasoned professionals and first time performers alike to display their skills and hone their craft in a low stress, high fun environment. Maybe you’re performing for the first time ever at Wildfire this spring and you’d like to do a test run before then. Or maybe you’re a pro who simply likes any excuse to perform. Maybe you’re working on a crazy new piece and want to see how audiences will react. Maybe you just like to perform. In any case, our stage is yours.

Act submission is open to the following skills/disciplines:
ANY circus art.
ANY flow/spinning art
Variety or vaudeville acts
Dance routines
Clowning or comedy routines
Pretty much any physical performing art

We will not be accepting musical performance acts. We will also be limiting the number of each kind of act to prevent redundancy–for example no more than three aerialists, or roller skaters etc. If you have an act, but you’re not sure it falls into any of the above categories, submit it! You may submit a new work, or an act you’ve performed before.

TO SUBMIT AN ACT email info@ with the following information:

Your name

The number of people in your act (and their names if more than just you)

The length of your act (this can be approximate, but not over 10 minutes)

What kind of performance (aerial routine, comedy, poi spinning etc.)

A link to a video of the act (if you have it) OR a link to a video of you doing something similar (if you have that) OR a link to any video evidence that will help us get a feel for your act (if you have it) OR Nothing. Obviously though, the more you can give us to work with, the easier it will be for us to get an idea of your performance.

A description of you act (more detail is better than less. For example ‘I will be performing trapeze to Hit me Baby One More Time’ is not super helpful. Try to tell us what the tone of your piece is, the more we can visualize it the better! However it does not need to be as specific as ‘I will be doing a double star drop at minute mark 4:35’)

A very brief performance history (ie: ‘this is my first time ever’, or ‘this is my first time performing trapeze but I’ve been performing as a juggler for six years’ or ‘I’ve performed this particular act 600 times’ is plenty)

Why you’d like to perform at the open stage/what you’d like to accomplish by it.

All act PROPOSALS must be SUBMITTED by 1:00 AM on FRIDAY MARCH 1st! (Keep in mind your act does not necessarily need to be finished by this time.)
Please remember we only have so many slots for each performance type, and so many performance slots period, and will be filling them as we receive applications, so it behooves you to apply sooner rather than later!

Looking forward to your amazing submissions!

New Years Resolution Discount!

From NOW until the session starts on JANUARY 16th, all session classes are 10% OFF!

Air Temple wants to help you fulfill any goals you might have for 2013–whether they’re fitness goals, fun-having goals, trying something new goals, or maybe all three at once!

To take advantage of this discount, simply email info@ with your name, and which class (and section) you’d like to sign up for, and mention this discount somewhere in your email! Or you can call us, that works too!


Almost there!

Hi All!
Good news! Plumbing should be done being installed on Monday (‘should’ being the operative word) and then we get to officially move in!

I think I’d like to wait until the week of January 7th (the first full week) to start classes, so that we can get fully settled in and such, but I think it would be fun to have some sample/mini classes the week before.

We’ll let you know what the deal is with that as we get closer, and we’ll also let you know moving updates as we go along, and possibly putting out a call for help with painting and hauling.

Happy holidays,

Studio News!

Hi folks!

We got good news yesterday–the permit was approved and they’ve started work on the electrical side of things, so we’re closing in on actually opening!

Because things are a little wacky with the holiday work schedules and such, I can’t say for sure when we’ll actually be opening, but hopefully it will be in the next few weeks.
I’ll be in touch when I have more info!
Enjoy your turkey,


The studio is closed until further notice. Here’s what’s up:

Hi All,

Unfortunately, classes last night did not go as expected or planned, and I’m incredibly sorry to those who showed up, especially those who came for the second class last night. While the studio was free of debris last night, it was not cleaned as promised by the building manager–in fact I think it’s safe to say they did nothing in the way of actual cleaning. When we arrived last night th

e floor was still coated in a layer of dust from their various activities. Though we mopped several times, we weren’t able to make an impact on the floor.

We did have lights and a space heater for the first class (which did happen, thanks for being good sports you guys), but the space heater did not do much to mitigate the chill. For the second class we did bring in more heaters, but the light and first heater was apparently too much for the electrical and the fuse blew partway into the second class of the evening, and we were not able to find the fuse box to fix it.

Here is what I understand the situation regarding the space being fully ready is:

Construction on the space appears to be more or less done. If anything is left it is that a layer of paint needs to be put over the plaster on the walls.

No electrical has been completed, and as I understand it, no electrical can be completed until the fire marshal approves a blueprint of the building. (However, this does not jive with the fact that the building manager told me over a month ago that electrical would be in soon, before the blueprint was even sent to the fire marshal.) The blueprint was submitted at least a week ago, though apparently the fire marshal has 30 days before he has to even look at the blueprint.

When I talked to the building manager on Monday, asking if people would be working in the space or not so that we could have daytime classes on Tuesday, he said no one would be working in the space because they were waiting on the fire marshal, though I don’t understand how this can be because they had previously been constructing without the fire marshal.

The information that I have gotten from the building manager has been spotty at best and contradictory at worst. I will be talking to him again today, and will update you all daily with any new information.

Here is what we have done/are doing to ready the space:

On our end we are completely ready to go. We have four excellent teachers, six brand new crash mats, and many brand new apparati waiting to go. Nick and I have spent over twenty hours over the last few weeks installing 18 custom made rigging points. Literally all we can do at this point is pester the building manager which I have been doing diligently on a daily basis.

Some final thoughts:

Many of you have been incredibly supportive and understanding throughout this ordeal and for that I thank you deeply. For those of you who are simply frustrated, I understand and I offer my deepest apologies. I am doing the best I can to get a fledgling business off the ground, but everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong. I realize I must look like both an idiot and a bad business owner, and I would like to assure you that I am neither of those things, but it’s your judgement call. I realize I have maybe not made some of the best decisions, and should perhaps simply have just waited to start enrollment for classes at all until the studio was fully finished, but I have been told many times since July that that day was right around the corner. Thank you all again for supporting Air Temple by signing up for classes–the number of you who have signed up already is both astounding and wonderful to me, and I am just so sorry that I have not yet been able to match that in the product that I have offered to you.


 It’s official! Our first session of classes starts MONDAY OCTOBER 15th!

Welcome to Air Temple Arts, Connecticut’s only aerial dance and circus studio. Learn skills such as aerial silks, juggling, fire spinning, acrobatics, contortion and more! Great things are happening as we prepare to open!

We have over twenty weekly classes in aerial dance, circus and yoga for you to choose from, with four excellent teachers!

In addition to classes we offer open studios, juggling/spin jams, rigging point rental, and more!

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