Youth Classes

We offer a variety of levels for youth students of all movement backgrounds and abilities, from introductory group classes, to private lessons, and a youth performance program for serious young aerialists. Our youth program is open to students ages 6+ ONLY.

Our introductory youth circus classes offer instruction in a variety of circus disciplines including but not limited to: aerials (trapeze, lyra, silks), tumbling, juggling, and more! Class begins with a prop manipulation warm up and circus games, with the majority of class time dedicated to and aerial work.

Level 1: For youth students of all ages with no previous circus background.

Level 2: For students who have successfully completed Youth Level 1 or have a dedicated movement background in gymnastic, dance, or cheer. Students must be able to hold their weight in the air with bent arms and knees to chest for 10 seconds. Students must be 7 or older to participate in Level 2, or permission of the instructor.

Levels 3/4: Students must have permission of the instructor and be able to perform both a Russian and a Classic Climb confidently and repeatedly on both sides, invert from the ground, and wrap footlocks in the air with ease.

Youth Aerials 3/4 is for students who have successfully completed Levels 1 and 2, and have received permission of the instructor to enroll in this class. Youth Levels 3 and 4 are more intensive instruction in aerials, and a focus on building a solid foundation of skills on both vertical and horizontal apparatus.

Youth Performance Program: Permission of the instructor only.

This is a two-session class for the serious youth aerialist looking to work hard and focus on building an act. New skills will be taught and expected to be practiced until mastery.

First session will focus on skill building, second session will focus on act creation. Students must take both sessions to be eligible for the December recital.

Students are expected to maintain behavior associated with an appropriate maturity level of this class. Students will be expected to practice independently and productively while the instructor is working with others. A guardian must be present for the first class to go over our code of conduct. Students who fail to follow these standards will be removed from the class.