Bar Apparatus Teacher Training


Join Air Temple Arts for our 1st annual Bar Apparatus Teacher Training August 5th – 7th, 2022!

In this workshop we’ll learn how to teach fundamental skills of lyra and trapeze effectively and safely, with a focus on understanding the techniques, mechanics, and rules that act as the foundation for safe work on a horizontal apparatus.

Our aim is to encourage deep-thinking instructors who can bridge the gap between explaining the steps to complete a trick and intimately understanding the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ behind a skill.

We’ll dissect standard beginner skills on both apparatus, and delve deeper into intermediate skills for aerial hoop. In these skills we’ll explore common failure points, blocks, and modifications.

This workshop additionally covers modules on class management, teaching methodologies, safe-spotting, basic rigging, and injury prevention. We will use both hands on, and classroom learning. Students who are interested in deepening their understanding of their apparatus but do not have an interest in teaching are welcome to attend.

Minimum Pre-requisites: Students should have a current, and regular practice on lyra or trapeze and should be able to execute the following skills comfortably and consistently: pullover to front balance, back balance, single knee hang. Students should be able to invert in the ropes on trapeze, or to the top bar from sitting on a lyra without tagging. Students should have some practice with long hang and knee beats.

Your Coaches:

Kate Gonzales-Gilligan is the head coach for Air Temple’s lyra and sling programs. She’s been training aerials since 2013 and coaching since 2017.

Stacey Strange is the founder of Air Temple Arts and has been coaching since 2012. She developed Air Temple’s Fabric Teacher Training program and has been leading teacher trainings since 2018. 

Jenna Ciotta is a member of the 2019 inaugural graduate class of the 3 year Pro-Track Program at the New England Center for Circus Arts and was a member of the core coaching staff from 2020 – 2022. Jenna will be leading a module on prep and progressions for dynamic lyra skills.


Cost: $650

Save $50 with early bird registration when you sign up before July 1st. Use code FLYSAFE