Join Air Temple Arts November 12th + 13th for a weekend lyra intensive featuring three amazing hoop coaches: Jenna Ciotta, Megan Mallouk, and Mykelle Walton. Over the course of the weekend we’ll dive deep into dynamic skills, c-shaping, snaking, spinning, splits and getting creative both above and below the bar.

This workshop is intended for intermediate+ hoop artists with a regular practice.

Prerequisites – Students should be comfortable with the follow skills and abilities: Pullover to a solid front balance without tagging the bar, back balance, invert to the top of hoop without feet, moving around the bar with a variety of grips and body shelves.


For questions and more email

Cost: $300, early bird discount – get $25 off with the code EARLYBIRD until Sept. 30th.

Preliminary Schedule:
Saturday + Sunday 10am – ~5pm with breaks for lunch.


Megan Mallouk:
Megan Mallouk is a Chicago based circus artist and instructor specializing in lyra, aerial cube, and cloud swing. Her background is rooted in rhythmic gymnastics, dance, and theater. She is a graduate of NECCA’s ProTrack Programs and AirCraft Circus’ Full Time Program in London. Megan currently works with Aloft’s Professional Training program, teaches guest workshops and private lessons across the US, and works as an aerial trainer for Royal Caribbean.
Check her out on IG as miss_macaroni 

Jenna Ciotta:
Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Jenna’s early years were spent developing a love of dance, theatre, and dry heat. She found circus arts after completing a BA in Gender Studies and an MA in Human Rights. Circus offered a new and exciting creative outlet for personal expression. Her mixed background in academia, activism, and movement draws her into spaces where performance arts and politics intersect.

She graduated circus school in 2019 as part of the inaugural graduate class of the 3 year Pro-Track Program at the New England Center for Circus Arts. She is a member of the Boston Circus Guild, and currently lives in Northampton, MA

Mykelle Walton:
Mykelle Walton is an aerial artist pushing the boundaries of what the human body can do and combining it with the strength, grace, and artistry of a cirque style aerialist to create one-of-a-kind experiences about the questions of life, philosophy, and physics. She has been an acrobat for over 28 years and has always been addicted to hanging from anything that she can get her hands on

After her career as a level 10 gymnast, Mykelle picked up aerial arts and dance full-time. She has performed all over the world as a freelance artist, and worked with companies like AIDA Cruises and Animate Objects. She is the founder and president of a small circus collective in Idaho, Boise Circus Guild where she has produced over a dozen events.

Mykelle loves to give students new ways to look at aerial acrobatics and make them think about how they are approaching their own practice. She enjoys pushing students creatively and technically.