The studio is closed until further notice. Here’s what’s up:

Hi All,

Unfortunately, classes last night did not go as expected or planned, and I’m incredibly sorry to those who showed up, especially those who came for the second class last night. While the studio was free of debris last night, it was not cleaned as promised by the building manager–in fact I think it’s safe to say they did nothing in the way of actual cleaning. When we arrived last night th

e floor was still coated in a layer of dust from their various activities. Though we mopped several times, we weren’t able to make an impact on the floor.

We did have lights and a space heater for the first class (which did happen, thanks for being good sports you guys), but the space heater did not do much to mitigate the chill. For the second class we did bring in more heaters, but the light and first heater was apparently too much for the electrical and the fuse blew partway into the second class of the evening, and we were not able to find the fuse box to fix it.

Here is what I understand the situation regarding the space being fully ready is:

Construction on the space appears to be more or less done. If anything is left it is that a layer of paint needs to be put over the plaster on the walls.

No electrical has been completed, and as I understand it, no electrical can be completed until the fire marshal approves a blueprint of the building. (However, this does not jive with the fact that the building manager told me over a month ago that electrical would be in soon, before the blueprint was even sent to the fire marshal.) The blueprint was submitted at least a week ago, though apparently the fire marshal has 30 days before he has to even look at the blueprint.

When I talked to the building manager on Monday, asking if people would be working in the space or not so that we could have daytime classes on Tuesday, he said no one would be working in the space because they were waiting on the fire marshal, though I don’t understand how this can be because they had previously been constructing without the fire marshal.

The information that I have gotten from the building manager has been spotty at best and contradictory at worst. I will be talking to him again today, and will update you all daily with any new information.

Here is what we have done/are doing to ready the space:

On our end we are completely ready to go. We have four excellent teachers, six brand new crash mats, and many brand new apparati waiting to go. Nick and I have spent over twenty hours over the last few weeks installing 18 custom made rigging points. Literally all we can do at this point is pester the building manager which I have been doing diligently on a daily basis.

Some final thoughts:

Many of you have been incredibly supportive and understanding throughout this ordeal and for that I thank you deeply. For those of you who are simply frustrated, I understand and I offer my deepest apologies. I am doing the best I can to get a fledgling business off the ground, but everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong. I realize I must look like both an idiot and a bad business owner, and I would like to assure you that I am neither of those things, but it’s your judgement call. I realize I have maybe not made some of the best decisions, and should perhaps simply have just waited to start enrollment for classes at all until the studio was fully finished, but I have been told many times since July that that day was right around the corner. Thank you all again for supporting Air Temple by signing up for classes–the number of you who have signed up already is both astounding and wonderful to me, and I am just so sorry that I have not yet been able to match that in the product that I have offered to you.